Staff and Governance

Executive Headteacher and CEO

Mrs D Rogan OBE


Heads of School Welcome

Our Trust English Subject Lead is Mr B Saunders and our Maths Subject Lead is Mr D Wagstaff

Our Director of Learning for KS1 is Mrs R Thomas


Full statutory information about the Governance structure, financial reports, memorandum of asociation and ariticles of association


Members and Trustees of the HEARTS Academy Trust.


Annual report from the Local Advisory Board 2018


Joint Heads of School

Mrs T Chudleigh and Mrs N Coggin

Inclusion Manager

Mrs L Hargreaves

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs J Jestico & Mrs T Jeans

 Year 5 Teacher

Mrs R Hannan

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs V Jeffries

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr J Smith

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr R Hall

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mr P Hillman

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs V Pinchback

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs A Sheikh

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J Nicholls

Year 1 Teacher

Miss S Neocleous

Reception Teacher

Mrs C White

Reception Teacher

Miss H Jones

Nursery Teacher

Miss Z Qureshi

Outdoor Learning Teacher

Mr J Jackson

Year 6 Teacher

Miss T Hannan



Orchard Staff (pre-school)

Miss H Matthews (Room Leader)

Miss J Shave

Mrs K Holwill

Miss S Kirk

Miss E Edwards

Mrs Helen Thompson

Support Staff

Mrs J Bowden

Mrs J Faris

Mrs C Deboo

Mrs K Herring

Mrs Reece Ford

Mrs K McDonagh

Mrs S Pullan

Mrs G Williams

Mrs K Savill

Mrs H Harbour

Miss M Barnett

Ms T Sparks

Miss C Turner

Mrs K Holwill

Miss C Edmead

Mrs N Meddle

Miss P Blake

Mrs S Rock

Administrative Staff

Mrs W Haywood

Mrs G Fletcher

Mrs S Chamberlain

Mrs K Herring

Midday, Catering and Premises Staff

Mrs C Larocque

Mrs J Coster

Miss E Nash

Mrs K Figg

Miss S Kirk

Mrs J Turner

Mrs L Bailey

Mrs G Bird

Mrs McAlden


  Miss T Smith

Mr E Woodhead

  Mrs M Northwood

Mr L Brown

Miss D Bailey

Mrs S Flahey


Mrs L Smith



Local Advisory Board




Felmores End,




SS13 1PN



T. 01268 727751




Enquiries:  Mrs G Fletcher

Inclusion Lead:  Mrs L Hargreaves



Office hours


Monday to Friday

8.30am - 4.30pm